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Cruises Are Just More Fun

Cruise Industry at a Glance.

-The choice of taking a cruise vaction is the fastest growing choice of the travel industry – reaching more than 1,800% growth since 1970, when an estimated 1/2 million travelers took a cruise. Today more than 11 million people took a cruise vacation in 2005. Costa del Sol tourism The cruise sectors growth is also shown in its expanding guest capacity. About 40 new ships were assemblyed in the 1980s and during the 1990s, nearly 80 new ships have been introduced. By the end of 2005, about 69 new ships have been introduced since 2000.

-This fast growth has ignited the continuing trend of the cruise vacation experience. Over the years, cruise liners have modified itineraries to include more diverse ports of call and convenient embarkation ports and have also introduced many onboard amenities and facilities, including Internet cafes, ice-skating rinks, multiple themed restaurants and expansive spas, health and fitness facilities. Alhambra  The cruise industry’s commitment to adding new capacity is based in part on cruising’s promising growth potential. Because majority of U.S. adults have never taken a cruise vacation, there remains a virtually untapped sector of the travel industry.

-Cruise lines cater to a wide varity of demographic mix. Cruisers range from 50 years of age, with above-average annual household income. Cruise vacations attract travelers from every state in the nation and from every province in Canada. The states catering to the most cruise passengers are Florida, California, Texas, Massachusetts, New York, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, Arizona and Georgia. Ascari race resort With hundreds of destinations to choose from, no matter what vacation mood you’re in cruises offers a wide variety of destinations for everyone! From the icebergs of Alaska to the hot sands of Mexico. http://holidaysformentera.com With the world’s top cruise lines at your fingertips finding your dream cruise is easy.

All Inclusive Cruise Ships

Vacations can become costly. The cost is often associated with extra expenses such as food, beverages, and entertainment. If you plan vacationing aboard a cruise ship, you do not necessarily have to be worried about the cost. Gran Canaria Desert All inclusive cruise ship is a ship where just about everything is included. The cost of your drinks, food, and entertainment are often taken care of. Many people wonder whether or not they you should book reservations aboard a traditional cruise ship or an all inclusive cruise ship.

There are many advantages and disadvantages to an all inclusive cruise ship.

The biggest advantage is that the majority of your needs are taken care of. Most all inclusive cruises cover food, drinks, and entertainment. If you plan to drink a large amount of alcohol or feasting on the amazing onboard food, you may be able to do so free of charge. You may also be granted exclusive admittance into movie theatres and video arcades.   Alicante fiestas While many of your food and drinks are included in an all-inclusive package, not all are.  It is possible that you may be required to pay for your alcoholic beverages. There are some cruise ships where alcohol beverages are included in the package, but on others it is not.

When it comes to food, your food at a sit-down restaurant may be provided free of charge, but your snacks are typically not covered. This often includes snacks or small meals purchased at onboard specialty shops and vending machines. You can save money by brining your own snacks onboard, if the cruise ship allows it. Playa d’en Bossa Ibiza Entertainment is often included in an all inclusive cruise ship package. As with food and drinks, the entertainment is often limited.  It is likely that you will gain free admission into a dance or ball, but you will not be able to gamble free of charge.

To find out whether or not you will save money aboard an all inclusive cruise ship, you should estimate your cost of food, drinks, and entertainment aboard a traditional cruise.  By comparing the two, you can determine which cruise package offers the better deal.

How to Book Your First Cruise Vacation

Perhaps you’ve saved every dime for this day and now it’s time to book that long awaited cruise vacation. Naturally, you’re a bit edgy because this is your first time. You have probably sought advice from peers and travel agents.

Seeking recommendation from friends and agents is a good idea, but this is only a starting point for your research. You can’t rely entirely on this information. Can you book until you’ve read or heard enough first hand experiences? Of course not! At this stage, you need to read the latest consumer reviews online for the vessel you’re planning to go with. Don’t get confused by the slew of contradictory remarks. La Cala resort Consider both the positive and the negative sides. This will help you in getting a better picture of the pros and cons, and aspects which you wouldn’t have ever known before experiencing on board.

Cruise deals are available in plenty and it doesn’t require much hard work to find one. Compare rates across different travel sites and shop around for a good price. Ideally, cruise rates on new vessels are always higher than older ones. If saving money is on your agenda, you should be looking for older cruise ships. Formentera beaches However, make sure that your expectations are realistic. If you scour the Internet, you’ll see that passenger complaints are the highest among these ships. There might be cramped fitness areas, or the cabins might need a re-paint.

In general, most cruise lines have the same menus, with slight variations. There isn’t much difference in on-board activities or entertainment either. The only possibility is that in an old ship the choices are limited and the décor and accommodation facilities might need a refurbish. Caleta de Fuste Fuerteventura However, many cruise companies maintain a respectable degree of consistency across the fleet, in this particular area. But remember, when you’re cruising an old ship, you’re paying just about one third of the money required for a newer one. At any rate, if you want to strike a balance between amenities and rates, go for a ship that is less than five years old.

Cost cutting is possible if you’re cruising off season. Caribbean cruises are affordable and the weather is great during the period from January through May. Christmas, New Years, spring break, and summer tend to be the most expensive. Comparatively, Thanksgiving and Presidents week are cheaper and less crowded. Besides, during this time, the weather is favorable in Mexico and the Caribbean. Ibiza resorts As always, the early bird catches the worm! For the best rates, book your vacation well in advance, or within three months of the sail date. If you’re making your own flight arrangements, be sure to arrive on the day before embarkation. Most cruises will not wait for passengers who are delayed.

In matters of cabins, most people prefer an outside cabin over an inside cabin simply because there isn’t enough natural light in the former category. Besides, the higher the deck, the greater is the price. So, although a cabin on deck 7 will be the same as one on deck 3, the former will have a higher price tag. C’an Pastilla It is up to you as to what type of cabin you want. But remember that you’re not going to spend much time in your cabin. A rule, per se, is that if the price difference between types of cabins is under $100 per passenger or just over, it’s okay to pay for an upgrade.

When it comes to shore excursions, there’s no bargain here. But it will enhance the entire experience. If you plan to go snorkeling, be sure to pack your own gear. Also, find out the best options before booking the cruise. Learn about the places and how easy or difficult will it be to get there. If your ship is at the port for the whole day, you can rent a cab to go to the spot and enjoy snorkeling for as long as you wish. But if the ship anchors only for a few hours, then booking a shore excursion is perhaps the best way to maximize your time and money.  Cadiz holidays Like any other holiday, proper planning is the key to a successful cruise vacation. Prepare a list of your needs and expectations, look up the price tags, and then draw your budget. When you know the specific areas where you need to spend and where to save, you can easily rearrange your priorities and expectations according to your budget. Then, you are good to go!

European Cruising a Great Value

Although the cost of a family vacation has been going up due to price pressures of fuel and inflation, the euro cruise vacation still ranks as an exceptional value.  As the currency values continue to fluctuate, the cost of enjoying an adventure on the sea becomes even more appealing Montes de Toledo The price for your cruise includes not only ship passage but also covers all accommodations onboard.  This not only includes your cabin or room but also a meals, activities, use of the facilities and even entertainment.  The actual cost of a euro cruise may at first seem a bit high but once all costs are considered, the value becomes even more apparent.

The biggest benefit of a cruise vacation above all else however has to be the Ports of call.  These are the places, cities, or islands where the ship stops for a day or so.  Imagine being onboard a modern cruise ship unpacking 1 time but still enjoying a full week of travel and new locations!  Vistiting Costa Brava At each stop, you can experience a new culture, pace or historical area without the stress of constantly moving and relocating to yet another hotel.  Another perk of the cruising vacation are the ship sponsored or suggested excursions.  These are sightseeing tours and adventures specially designed for maximum guest enjoyment.  These day trips usually feature the more most important or significant aspects of the area being visited.  The trips are reasonably priced and your satisfaction is important as these trips and the cruise ship business is very important to the local economy.  The people providing the service on these trips have a vested interest in seeing that cruising passengers are happy.

The number of excursions is very much dependant on the length of your vacation and locale.  Some of the more remote cruse destinations have far fewer opportunities for these extra activities while some specialize in a new port every day! Excursions are also designed far a wide variety of traveler.  Granada tourist attractions From the very physical climbing a waterfall to the I want to just sit and enjoy the scenery group, there’s a special excursion designed for just what you like.  Longer trips usually include a lunch or on occasion is provided by the cruise ship directly.

The final thought is to really consider the benefits of a cruise when thinking about this years vacation.  A euro cruise is probably the best way to see some beautiful European scenery while also not breaking the bank on the costs.

Spectacular 5 Country Scandinavian Cruise on Costa Atlantica

I’ve cruised dozens of ships on various lines and in my opinion this is as good as it gets on a mega-liner of 2200+ passengers with 920 crew. Costa’s Atlantica was a floating palace of art deco furnishings, marble inlaid floors and millions of dollars invested in original works of art. It exceeded my expectations. Also I normally loose weight on cruises shunning the ships artificial fare. This time I over indulged on varied menus of fresh food. I ate enough prosciutto and ice cream to last a decade. The Italian accented cuisine was prepared by Euro-chefs and culinary graduates of the world famous Chaine des Rotisseurs.

We had an awesome group of 60 who blended harmoniously. No love connections occurred (that I know of), but friendships developed as we bonded on our AFS private shore excursions and parties onboard. This group was blessed throughout with the best weather Scandinavia and the Baltic region could ever provide – 68º daily and no rain. The First Officer said “this was the best weather of the summer.”

Each country visited was a lesson in culture and history. We saw an eyeful along our 1987 nautical miles. In Copenhagen Denmark – with it’s Mermaid, Stockholm Sweden – the archipelago referred to as “Venice of the North”, Helsinki Finland – so friendly, modern and clean, Grand St. Petersburg Russia where we squeezed in a full power tour of the Hermitage, palaces, onion domed churches, canals and an evening ballet. Our final port was charming Tallinn Estonia where the entire walled Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It was like walking through a fairytale.

For our days at sea there was never a dull moment with 3 pools, shops, casino, luxurious spa and contests with the crew. The 2 story gym was so high tech that I didn’t know how to turn on the equipment, so the only exercise I got was jumping to conclusions. The midnight buffets were the most magnificent I’ve ever witnessed with countless ice sculptures. There was a house baked out of bread and piano shaped from white chocolate.

On our last night we attempted to pack all our trinkets collected: faberge egg, Russian nesting dolls, Swedish crystal, Finish glassware, Nordic pewter, lingonberry jams, amber jewelry, hand knit sweaters and a million T-shirts. Many things such as our fur hats may end up in a garage sale some day, but the bargaining sure was fun.

We tasted just an appetizer of this 5 country smorgasbord but leave perfectly satisfied. As I say Bon Voyage to this unique part of this world, I am able to remiss another journey well done.